Monitoring Your X86 Synology With Monit

First of all, I’m not very familiar with Monit at all, but I was looking for a simple monitoring solution which monitors, alerts and eventually can restart a service if it fails.

Create Your Own Rescue Partition With Easy Restore Option at No Costs

When you are a bit handy with computers, you soon become a kind of computer god to your family and friends and if you don’t watch out, you get overloaded with questions and problems.

Automatically Send Network Device Configurations to Your Support Partner

In the last part of the Rancid set-up I created a simple Bash scripts which e-mails the configurations of the network devices to myself and our support partner once a week.

Backing Up Network Devices With Rancid Opensuse 11 2

One of the most forgotten backups is that of the network devices, while it can save you a lot of time (thus money) when things get broken. Luckily there is a tool, called Rancid.

Hurray for Testdisk

Last weekend I (re)installed my hobby server with Ubuntu server 9.10. I placed an old Highpoint RocketRaid 1740 Raid controller with 3 500GB disks in it. Since the RocketRaid had no configuration I build up a RAID5 configuration.

Ldap Authentication for Ipplan Apache Linux

As you may have read, I’m testing with an IP management tool, called IPPlan. Since I’m not the only one at our company, that need access to IPPlan and I wasn’t planning in doing a lot of user management, I did a try to connect IPPlan to our Active Directory (LDAP) environment.

Warcraft 2 on Linux

I would not call myself a gamer, cause I’ven’t played any game lately, but a few years ago, eight or maybe more. I had plenty of time, so besides programming and other things on a pc, I also played games.

Linuxmint 6 and Sound on a Toshiba Tecra A10

Today I was in the mood for trying another distribution. So Linux Mint gets a chance of proving itself. The installation went fine, but after the installation there was no sound.

Mymovies Import Plugin for Gcstar

I’m running Linux for about one year now and I definitely felt in love with it. The only thing that was missing was my DVD-collection which I managed with MyMovies, a great tool, but it has no real alternative for Linux.

Mythbuntu 804 Versus Windows Media Center Vista Xp

As some you may have read in one of my previous posts, I really was tired of using Windows Media Center. At that moment I decided that I was going to take a look to other Media Center software.