Hurray for Testdisk

Last weekend I (re)installed my hobby server with Ubuntu server 9.10. I placed an old Highpoint RocketRaid 1740 Raid controller with 3 500GB disks in it. Since the RocketRaid had no configuration I build up a RAID5 configuration. A few years ago this was also the situation with the same disks. After installing the driver, the (raid) disk was found and shows me one disk of 1TB.After this I become curious if it was possible to restore the old data of this disk, not that it was important, but just for knowledge and fun.

After some googling I found TestDisk, luckily for me it was in the repositories, so I downloaded and installed it. The CLI was very straightforward and easy to use. TestDisk very soon found the old partition. After this it asked for a deeper search and this took about 14 hours, but I think it is fair if it is real (important) data, which has to be restored. A few ours later my raid set was completely restored and running. I think it is an amazingly good result, so I say a big hurray for TestDisk!

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
Technical Challanger at ON2IT

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