Mymovies Import Plugin for Gcstar

I’m running Linux for about one year now and I definitely felt in love with it. The only thing that was missing was my DVD-collection which I managed with MyMovies, a great tool, but it has no real alternative for Linux. So after searching for a while I found GCstar, it is a bit more basic then MyMovies, but it works good and it is very fast compared to MyMovies.

The only problem was, I have quiet a big collection about 1300 DVD’s and I was not planning to add them manually to GCstar. This problem was not as easy solved as I wish it would be, cause there was no MyMovies import plugin. So I had no other option than write my own import plugin, quiet a big step when you don’t have any knowledge about Perl, but I managed it with a bit sneak and peak and a bit help from the author of GCstar with some array reference troubles.

So here it is.

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
Technical Challanger at ON2IT

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