Building an Awesome Led Cube 8x8x8

It has been a long time since I posted something really “techie” out here. In the mean time I was however busy with a very technical project at least is was for me.

Nac Getting in Control of Your Mab Enabled Clients

It has been a while since I wrote a paper about the implementation of NAC. Now almost a year later it is finally in progress of implementation. One of the most time consuming processes and error sensitive ones is the adding of MAC addresses to the Active Directory of devices which doesn’t support Dot1X.

MPTVAdmin2 Beta - Import Dreambox channels into MediaPortal

A bit longer then a month ago I posted my “early” alpha version of tool which can import Dreambox channellists into MediaPortal TV-Server. While this tool, was just a try-out if it was possible and lacked all the error handling it was still a small success.

Create Your Own Rescue Partition With Easy Restore Option at No Costs

When you are a bit handy with computers, you soon become a kind of computer god to your family and friends and if you don’t watch out, you get overloaded with questions and problems.

Import Dreambox Channel Lists Into Mediaportal Tv Server

This blog is short and especially for people who have a MediaPortal TV-Server running with DVB-S(2). When you have a satellite dish with multiple LNB’s pointing at different satellites you probably end up with a lot of channels.

XNA 3D Pong

At school we got 2 XNA lessons, just to fill up our last weeks, since I hope to graduate this year. 2 lessons isn’t much, especially when you realize that that’s about 3 hours total.

Ipplan Export to Import for Poller

Like many others, I also hate administrative tasks. One of these tasks that comes back again and again is IP documentation. To make my life easier and probably that of others :-), I decided to go testing with IP management software.

Real 8bit Color Map Like the Msx2

For a few weeks now we’re busy at school with VHDL and FPGA’s. This is some really awesome stuff and we just build our own VGA signal with an framebuffer. The only downside of this is, that wat we had coded from the examples was only 3bit RGB, so one bit for Red, one bit for Green and one bit for Blue.

Mymovies Import Plugin for Gcstar

I’m running Linux for about one year now and I definitely felt in love with it. The only thing that was missing was my DVD-collection which I managed with MyMovies, a great tool, but it has no real alternative for Linux.

Always Wanted an Incomplete Mailserver

Always wanted an incomplete mailserver? This is your chance, in the last few weeks we had to create an mailserver for a schoolproject in Java with SMTP and POP3 support. I think we did a pretty good job on this, cause third party applications have no problems sending or retrieving e-mail from our server.