MPTVAdmin2 Beta - Import Dreambox channels into MediaPortal

A bit longer then a month ago I posted my “early” alpha version of tool which can import Dreambox channellists into MediaPortal TV-Server. While this tool, was just a try-out if it was possible and lacked all the error handling it was still a small success.

Import Dreambox Channel Lists Into Mediaportal Tv Server

This blog is short and especially for people who have a MediaPortal TV-Server running with DVB-S(2). When you have a satellite dish with multiple LNB’s pointing at different satellites you probably end up with a lot of channels.

Windows 7 Media Center Suprisingly Good

My parents have a mediacenter which I build for them a few years ago. My parents don’t need a lots of functions and watching TV, having an EPG, and be able to watch a dvd so now and then would satisfied them.

Mymovies Import Plugin for Gcstar

I’m running Linux for about one year now and I definitely felt in love with it. The only thing that was missing was my DVD-collection which I managed with MyMovies, a great tool, but it has no real alternative for Linux.

Mythbuntu 804 Versus Windows Media Center Vista Xp

As some you may have read in one of my previous posts, I really was tired of using Windows Media Center. At that moment I decided that I was going to take a look to other Media Center software.

Vista Is Losing It Again

I’m running a dedicated media center for more then 4 years now and I started with Windows XP Media Center Edition, this was at that moment one of the best products available for a dedicated Media Center.