Warcraft 2 on Linux

I would not call myself a gamer, cause I’ven’t played any game lately, but a few years ago, eight or maybe more. I had plenty of time, so besides programming and other things on a pc, I also played games.

One of my favourite games in these days was Warcraft 2. I had a lot of fun playing that game. Now in my vacation I had the glorious idea of starting up that game again, but my laptop is running Linux and not some DOS 6.22 or earlier :-). So I installed Wine and put the CD in the drive, the installation went smoothly, but I wasn’t able to start the game, it was requesting the CD.

To solve this problem you have to go the configuration of Wine, go to the Drives tab and add a drive that points to the mountpoint of the CD. I’m not sure if this driveletter has to be “D”, another tip make an image of the CD and mount that one, this way you don’t have the swap the CD. I had one small problem when starting the first campaign, the sound engine of Wine got broken, a small work around for this is to save the game and exit the game. Make sure also all processes of Wine are stopped. Now restart the game and load your savegame now you will have sound in all the missions.

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
Technical Challanger at ON2IT

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