Nested NSX Upgrading Nsx 6.0.5 to 6.1.2

In earlier blogposts I described how I build my nested NSX lab. This environment was based on NSX version 6.0.5 and in this post I will briefly show you how you can easily upgrade your NSX environment, in this case we will upgrade to version 6.

Nested Nsx Vmware Nsx on Intel Nuc Lab Setup Part 3

In the previous two posts I described how to set-up a nested ESXi environment on the Intel NUC and how to install and configure it for NSX. So in this post I assume everything is installed and configured and we can actually start deploying a network.

Nested Nsx Vmware Nsx on Intel Nuc Lab Setup Part 2

In my previous post I described how to create a nested ESXi environment, connected to a vCenter, this as a preparation to run eventually NSX. In this post we will build further on the basic set-up we created in part 1 of this series.

Nested Nsx Vmware Nsx on Intel Nuc Lab Setup Part 1

While the VMware Hands-on Labs are extremely cool and useful, I found it always very learning-full and nonetheless fun to build my own labs. To keep it fun and keep down the noise and powering costs I decided to buy some Intel NUCs, which have a good price tag and are very low on energy.

Enable Nfs Vaai on a Synology X10

I was really trilled when Synology announced also releasing DSM 5.1 for their x10 series. Why? This because DSM 5.1 has a great feature called NFS for VAAI. In simple words, hardware acceleration on your NAS.

Bind DNS Server in Homelab With Split View

One of the most undervalued infrastructure components in my opinion is DNS. A lot of services / components rely upon DNS and if DNS is mis-configured, not available, slow function or somehting else doing that shouldn’t be happening, it can lead to performance and other strange problems.

Upgrade Vmware on My Homelab

There are so many ways to update VMware that everytime they release a new version I can probably use a different one. Normally I really like this online way described on virtualGhetto.

Loadbalancing VMware Horizon View Blast

One of the coolest features in my opinion of VMware Horizon View, is the Blast protocol. The Blast protocol makes it possible to connect and work on your desktop with just a browser and even better it does this all by making use of HTML5, no flash needed!

Upgrade Vmware Horizon View 5.3 to 6.0

A little while back VMware released Horizon View 6.0, which comes with some neat new features, from which I think the RDS Hosted Apps is the biggest, for more information see VMware Horizon 6 What’s New on Ivo Beerens blog.