Citrix Web Interface 5 X 5 1 2 Client Deployment

A few days ago I updated our Citrix Web Interface to version 5.1.2. After this update it seems that the Client Deployment process was broken. Users still got the download button, but after pressing this button it opens the Citrix website. The problem can be easily solved, but it took some time to figured it out. By default the web-interface is installed under “C:Program FilesCitrixWeb Interface5.1.2” and it contains a directory which is empty by default. In this directory you have to create a subfolder, called “ica32”. Now download the latest client(s) from the Citrix website and copy these to the new created folder. It is very important that the names are identical to the names below: XenAppHosted.msi XenAppWeb.msi XenAppWeb.exe Now the download button should work again. Note: If you still want to use the old plugins ica32**, you can do this by simplying renaming them.

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
Technical Challanger at ON2IT

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