Some Examples of Design Patterns

Do you know that great feeling, when you learn something and it felt just into the right spot? This was happening to me, when I learned the existence of design patterns.

I don’t program for a living, but it has always been a great hobby of mine. So when I found out, actually it was told to me what design patterns are and what they do. I was astunished, why didn’t I know this stuff? It is great to see some practical solution for things you ran into so many times, while coding.

So design patterns are still new for me, but for school we had to work some of those patterns out in real code and since I’m very, very kind :-) and know what a suprise design patterns can be if you get the clue of them. I putted them on the web.

So here they are four patterns I turned into real Java code. The downloads include the Java code, an image of a class diagram and the Umbrello file, which I used to create the class diagram. These are just examples, if you really wanted to know how the pattern work I would suggest you buy the “Gang Of Four” book or search the Internet, there is plenty of information about those patterns.

Observer Pattern

Sorry for you non Dutch readers, some names and comments are in Dutch, but most of the code will speak for themselves.

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
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