Nac Getting in Control of Your Mab Enabled Clients

It has been a while since I wrote a paper about the implementation of NAC. Now almost a year later it is finally in progress of implementation. One of the most time consuming processes and error sensitive ones is the adding of MAC addresses to the Active Directory of devices which doesn’t support Dot1X.

XNA 3D Pong

At school we got 2 XNA lessons, just to fill up our last weeks, since I hope to graduate this year. 2 lessons isn’t much, especially when you realize that that’s about 3 hours total.

Ipplan Export to Import for Poller

Like many others, I also hate administrative tasks. One of these tasks that comes back again and again is IP documentation. To make my life easier and probably that of others :-), I decided to go testing with IP management software.

Windows 7 Media Center Suprisingly Good

My parents have a mediacenter which I build for them a few years ago. My parents don’t need a lots of functions and watching TV, having an EPG, and be able to watch a dvd so now and then would satisfied them.

Isa SP1 Intra Array Communications Outside Domain

I’m busy to create a nice reverse proxying environment, for this we choose the ISA 2006 server. Mainly because we have some experience with this and it should be really easy to create a High Availabilty solution.

Mythbuntu 804 Versus Windows Media Center Vista Xp

As some you may have read in one of my previous posts, I really was tired of using Windows Media Center. At that moment I decided that I was going to take a look to other Media Center software.

Vista Is Losing It Again

I’m running a dedicated media center for more then 4 years now and I started with Windows XP Media Center Edition, this was at that moment one of the best products available for a dedicated Media Center.