Simple 3d Enginegame in C and Opengl

Always wanted to create an 3D engine or 3D game? A few weeks ago I got an assignment of school to create a 3D game. I had about 8 weeks to accomplish this, without any knowledge about 3D or OpenGL. To make this assignment not to difficult everyone got a small briefing on how we could easily implement the game in 2D ASCII. This was easily done in a few hours of programming. For debugging purposes this game could be played in a console/terminal as ASCII art.

Now the real challenge could start, build a 3D representation of the game in C++ and OpenGL. After 4 weeks we were told we may use freeglut, freeglut is a OpenGL Utility toolkit, which makes it a lot easier to implement OpenGL. No f*ck*d up Win32 calls :-) It was the first time I worked with glut, but it turned out it was really easily. Especially with some good tutorials, like the tuts from So after messing around a bit with glut especially with camera settings, my game is finished.


I know it is basic and very simple, but it is also a good start to get some feeling about 3D engines and game programming. So if you like programming and are interested in game programming and 3D. Go grab it, it can be found here at googlecode. Sorry for you non Dutch readers, the comments in the sourcecode are Dutch.

UPDATE !!! The binary is now also available, Binary RoboRally3D to play RoboRally3D immediatly. (sorry Window binary only)

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
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