Ieee1394 Ftw

A few days ago I tried to make a decent video of my BOE-Bot driving a square round, unfortunately I didn’t get my camera working with USB. My laptop has no firewire (IEEE1394) and my desktop computer is unplugged, due the lack of space. After some searching I found out that my camera only supports USB 1.0 (it is a bit old), so when I get USB working, I’m still unable to get the full quality.

Previously it works out of the box on IEEE1394 on my desktop. I was to lazy to plug in my desktop pc and install it. So I ordered a cheap, don’t laugh, Belkin IEEE1394 PCMCIA Adapter. It works out of the box on Windows and Linux :-). Even the camera is recognized and everything works flawless. I love standards :-) So as promised here is the “almost” same video from my first little BOE-bot try-out in a better quality.

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
Technical Challanger at ON2IT

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