Dvb Viewer Lite and Satip Tuner in Different Subnet

For my home project I’m working with a SAT>IP tuner. This is an Inverto.tv IDL 400s. Since this is all new to me and it eventually will have to work with TVHeadend, although that’s the idea, unfortunately my current server Argus-TV, doesn’t support the SAT>IP protocol yet. Before I try to configure all these settings I like to know if the tuner actually is working, this can be easily done, with the free software, DVB Viewer Lite for Windows. However this software works great if your tuner is within the same network as your PC running the same software, which isn’t the case in my set-up, my clients are strictly separated from any server and therefore live in a different network (subnet). Luckily this can be easily solved with editing the “network.ini” file within the “SES Player directory”, the file will look something like this,

[RTSP Network Device]

Just change the DVBServerIP parameter to your device and start DVB Viewer Lite, it will now see your tuner and you can test if everything will work fine.

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
Technical Challanger at ON2IT

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