A Nice Suprise From Elisa

A few days ago, I got a nice suprise from Elise. It was one of the most promising things I ever saw, it was just beautifull and it has great potential. If you didn’t figured it out yet, I wasn’t talking about a girl, I was talking about Elisa, a universal and user-friendly media center.

Elisa Media Center

Since I’m running Mythbuntu I just miss some of the Windows graphical effects, Mythbuntu is just a bit static, it has the features, but it isn’t graphically as good as Windows Media Center. So I saw that Elisa published a new version, I downloaded it and hmm.. it really, really suprised me! It was looking awesome, it was running awesome, it was stable, but! it missed some great features, to become a replacement for Mythbuntu (MythTV). The things I missed the most where the PVR functionallity to record, watch and pauze (live) television. The second thing I really missed was the DVD functionality and not only the not secured DVD’s. So I think Elisa made a great start and it has really a lot of potential to become a great media center. I even thinking about support the project by coding. I would say give a try and if you don’t need PVR or DVD functionality it is already usable, but if they want to compete with media centers like Mythbuntu (MythTV), Windows Media Center or Media Portal, they really need to add at least these functions. Here can you find some usefull information. http://elisa.fluendo.com/ https://launchpad.net/elisa

Rob Maas
Rob Maas
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